Walnut Cove Wellness Center

If we could sum up the goal of the Walnut Cove Wellness Center in one statement, it would be to prolong the lifestyle people would like to lead. Whether it’s a weekend golf tournament or a day spent working in the garden, the staff at the Walnut Cove Wellness Center has a multi-faceted approach to making sure Members can continue doing the things they love, pain free.

The Wellness Center’s focus on ‘prolonging the lifestyle’ has resulted in more yoga and pilates classes, popular with golfers and tennis players who don’t always think to stretch after a match because they didn’t do a ‘traditional’ workout. The whole body stretching, strengthening and lengthening achieved through yoga and pilates helps relieve the pain and tension many people feel after a day on the course.

Along with group classes, the staff also offers Functional Mobility sessions where they can really zero in on the issues affecting an individual. The purpose of these sessions is to combat the tension that is inhibiting a person’s lifestyle. In addition to doing personalized moves during the one-on-one training, Members also walk away knowing how to make adjustments in their everyday motions in order to live pain free.

The third piece of the ‘prolonging the lifestyle’ puzzle is massage. A proper massage relieves undo stress and returns the body to proper function. When a person is experiencing pain, the body will overcompensate in other areas, throwing off natural biomechanics and creating seemingly unrelated issues all over the body. The massage therapists are able to address the root source of pain and in conjunction with yoga, pilates and functional mobility, help get a person back to their natural movement patterns.

Of course, not everyone who moves into The Cliffs at Walnut Cove is comfortable with the idea of going to ‘the gym’, whether it’s for weight training, swimming laps or a spa treament. The staff at the Walnut Cove Wellness Center strives to ensure that the idea of ‘wellness’ is viewed as very positive and welcoming. One way they’ve achieved this is by hosting more social events at the wellness facilities, such as Tennis Socials with demos from our two tennis pros or a Heart Health Awareness Event focused on both knowledge sharing and socializing (complete with heart-healthy red wine!).

The staff has created a positive, judgment-free environment where they have a genuine interest in every person’s individual goals, from pain relief and stress reduction to weight loss and cardio health. According to Ryan Kamszik, Manager, the wellness mantra to live by is “it’s all about progress, not perfection.” We can certainly get on board with that!