Recipes and memories ~

Do you remember a time when family recipes were guarded like Fort Knox? I’ve heard of people choosing to leave out key ingredients or perhaps “forget” the right measurements, assuring they alone controlled the accurate and most delectable version of a beloved dish.

But thankfully the family recipe has become a celebrated thing to share.

Gathering around the table to share a meal and laughter from the day’s events, the food on the table is just as important as those seated around. Sometimes favorite dishes come with a history to them. Donna Bailey, a Walnut Cove resident  since 2002 speaks warmly of making memories with her family through the years.  Donna’s go-to cheese cake recipe was given to her from a dear friend when she and her family lived in New Jersey. Tried and true, not too fussy, dare I say easy? If you have a mixer of any sort, it will be a success. (Side Note: I once hand mixed a cheesecake with a wooden spoon because my hand mixer “had gone missing” – let’s just say; it was a perfect failure)

Cheese Cake Recipe

While thinking on true treats, Donna shared a special memory of a recipe requested for her birthday. “Each year for my August birthday in extremely hot & humid NJ, my mother would make my favorite dessert, Bread Pudding which required an oven at 350 degree for an hour in a house with no air conditioning and a very small kitchen…a very hot kitchen.  It certainly was a labor of love!”

Bread Puddding Recipe

It is fascinating that food and recipes will come in and out of fashion. Over the decades, the way we prepare food for meals have rotated from garden to table, to store bought, pre-packaged, frozen, and back to – farm to table. With a working farm here in Walnut Cove, and the opportunity to sign up for the Creekside Farms CSA, there is little excuse for us to not be living well and enjoying the earth’s bounty.

Do you have a dish which never fails? One that you serve all the time, or one that is saved for only special occasions?  Wouldn’t it be fun to begin gathering recipes and share them?

So reply with your favorites  – And don’t forget the secret ingredients!

Until next time,