Meet the Neighbors

Walnut Cove Realty has seen the neighborhoods grow not only in The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, but down the street….just 3 short miles away where the bustling Biltmore Park sprung up in what seemed like overnight. With shops, theaters, restaurants and entertainment, one of our favorite neighbors, Biltmore Park is hopping. “I consider Biltmore Park as an added amenity for our homeowners,” said Kent Smith, Sr. V.P. The Cliffs Real Estate.

The luxury anchor and great friend to Walnut Cove Realty is The Hilton, owned and operated by Biltmore Farms. This four-diamond, LEED certified hotel offers the perfect combination of comfort and convenience for Walnut Cove Realty clients and The Cliffs at Walnut Cove homeowners. Guest rooms are plush and spacious, with plenty of southern hospitality from the friendly staff. With a signature restaurant, Roux, offering locally-sourced cuisine, and a full-service Sensibilities day spa, this upscale hotel meets everyone’s needs. Stephanie Caruso, The Cliffs Guest Experience Coordinator responsible for client reservations, points out, “There is not a better hotel or better service anywhere in Asheville. Our clients always enjoy their stay and the convenience of its location to not only our properties but all that Asheville has to offer.”

The Hilton Hotel and The Cliffs at Walnut Cove are co-sponsors in a future Pro-Am Charity Golf Tournament to benefit UNC Asheville’s recently announced Women’s Golf Program. The tournament will bring in professional golfers and three members from their home courses who will compete for prizes, eat at The Cliff’s dining facilities and spend two nights at the upscale Hilton Hotel. “This will be a very special golf event because the beneficiaries are young women seeking an education while playing the sport they love and would not be possible without the co-sponsorship commitment of the Hilton Hotel and The Cliffs at Walnut Cove,” explains Donna Bailey, LPGA Foundation Board and Bulldog Athletic Association board member.

For more information on this tournament, please contact: Donna Bailey or call 828.684.7619. For more information on other neighbors, sign up for the newsletter from Walnut Cove Realty.