Hannah’s Garden: Tavern Landscaping

The seasonal switch is underway!

The fall displays were installed and we all were delighted with the quality and size of the mums. Once again, working with a local grower provides us with exceptional quality and (color) choice, AND remarkable savings. Building a relationship with growers will be pivotal in providing Wtavern tuteursalnut Cove with unique and exquisite plants.

Speaking of exquisite, The Tavern entrance has been revamped for a new look that better reflects European-style architecture of The Tavern. The four large wooden tuteurs – beautifully commissioned by one of our very our own talented members. The elements are of a traditional English garden. Like statuary, they add an element of architectural structure to the landscape that provide a keynote presence throughout the seasons. The boxwood hedge (small now, but will more than double in size) will provide a manicured border when it matures. And the enclosed bed will be filled with annual color flowers. The unique cottonseed mulch provides a clean look that will retain its simple aesthetics through the cooler months.