Hannah’s Garden: Fall Update

At The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, we are only a few weeks from the official beginning of Fall, but already the mornings have a slight crispness to them. Right now many of the annual flowers, such as the marigolds in front of the flag pole, or the gomphrena in front of the Tavern, are beginning to wane in these dog days of summer. However, when the nights get a bit cooler you will see the plants resurge with tons of new blooms for another couple of weeks before we must finally remove them for fall maintenance.

Like many gardeners, the seasonal flower swap is always something I look forward to: it’s like cleaning out the closet and replacing it with a new wardrobe. Gorgeous pumpkins, mums and pansies are on the way! This fall we are going to try something a little different in the planting schedule. We will focus the fall display on the roadside entrance and in front of the Tavern entrance. We will wait until early spring to plant the larger displays of colorful pansies.

While new plants are always fun to anticipate, let’s take a moment to look at one that is currently in my spot light. ‘Blueberry sparkler’ canna is a new variety of garden superstar. The leaves take on a blueish hue which nicely compliments the pink flowers. And it goes and grows from May to October without much fuss. ‘Blueberry sparklers’ are located on the roadside beds between holes #10 and #11 of the golf course.

Blueberry Sparkler canna at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove
Blueberry Sparkler canna at The Cliffs at Walnut Cove

Lots of folks have asked about the bright pink and orange flowers in front of the Walnut Cove Tavern. Those are an annual (i.e. they will not return next year) called gomphrena. Watch them in the mid-morning and you will see the golden finches love them too!